Locked Down with a Ceramic Pan. 

Big Time Coffee was born in the deep dark void that was Lockdown 1.0. A furloughed tech employee was looking to fill the dreary (or dreamy, depending on which way you look at it) days with something productive. Armed with a ceramic hand-roasting pan and a hot plate - what began as a way to fill time soon turned to obsession - with round the clock reading, timing and roasting.

Months later, having roasted many beans and drunk many brews, we’ve picked up a trick or two and are ready for the next stage of our journey - to share our sweet roasted creations with the world under the banner of Big Time Coffee. Thankfully we’ve upgraded from the pan, and we’re primed to knock out some extremely drinkable beans.

So what's with the Big Time?

One day, when trying one of our roasts, the following words were uttered: “Woah… that’s a big time cup of coffee”. Coffee that’s too good not to be shared, and so Big Time was formed.

Is that it? 

Not exactly. 

We did some thinking about the world speciality coffee and, let’s be honest, it can get pretty confusing and technical at times. And the thing is, we know that a lot of you are just after a first class brew in the morning.

Our goal is simple: to bring you the best part about speciality coffee - the big time flavours - with minimal fuss and only a little coffee nerdiness. You might still see a few flavour notes knocking about, but what you can expect is easy drinking coffee designed to give you that ‘Big Time’ feeling.