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Region:  San Francisco, Huabal, Cajamarca
Process: Washed
Producer: Smallholders
Elevation: 1600-1950 masl
Variety: Mixed, mainly Bourbon, Caturra and Catimor
Tasting notes: Verbena and Lemon with note of Nutmeg, a sweet cup with a buttery body.

San Francisco is a village in the Huabal district, within the province of Cajmarca (Northern Peru). It is home to over 50 farming families - producing some of the best and most consistent coffees in the area. As is the case in most of Northern Peru, drying beds and tents are still not very common and most producers dry their coffee on tarpaulin mats on the ground. They pick their coffee with the help of family and neighbours, before processing and drying it at their home.

NOTE: These are whole beans: stick 'em in your food processor, blender or even use a pestle and mortar to grind if you're feeling bold and don't have a coffee grinder to hand.